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We remove the same amount of CO2 you produce.

Our beads are literally made with carbon captured from the atmosphere.

1 month CO2 offset bracelet

Remove carbon from the air and wear it around your wrist!

Check out how we turn atmospheric carbon into beautiful carbon beads!

Viably Carbon Offset Bracelet Carbon Powder

Your CO2 is captured by newly planted trees and green technology

All offset projects are selected based on strict criteria

Viably Carbon Offset Bracelet Verification


Accredited and monitored by internationally recognized third parties

Viably Carbon Offset Bracelet Additional


Our projects fund planting new trees; we don't rely on preservation

Viably Carbon Offset Bracelet Effective


Quantifiable and effective way to remove emissions from the atmosphere

Viably Carbon Offset Bracelet Project
Viably Carbon Offset Bracelet Project
Viably Carbon Offset Bracelet Project
Viably Carbon Offset Bracelet Project

Check out the projects that make it happen

Trees are the most efficient method of extracting CO2 from the air. We fund planting trees in the mountainsides of Nepal and Colombia, expanding the habitat of endangered species in Madagascar, and innovative technologies that remove CO2 from the atmosphere... and turn them into carbon beads.

What people are saying

Viably Carbon Offset Bracelet Testimonial

"I got the VIABLY bracelet as a gift from someone that knew I am environmentally conscious. Such a great idea. I’m really proud to wear it and explain what it represents!"

Kristen, Asheville, NC

Viably Carbon Offset Bracelet Testimonial

"I’ve always gone out of my way to take care of our planet, but deep down I knew it wasn’t enough to turn things around. With a full personal CO2 offset I feel like, for the first time, I am really doing my part."

Jessica, Miami, FL

Viably Carbon Offset Bracelet Testimonial

"Responsible companies have been leveraging CO2 offsets for while now, but it's not been available for individuals. This let’s me actively address my own footprint, and not wait around for the rest."

Katie, Juneau, AK

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How do you know my Carbon footprint, and how much to offset?

  • In the first phase of this project, we are using the average American’s greenhouse gas footprint (the majority of which is CO2). The Environmental Protection Agency inventories the complete greenhouse gas footprint of the country. 
    In 2018 they calculated 6,667m tones of greenhouse gasses emitted in the United States. At that time there were 331m people. This averages 19.05 tons/person/year = 1.58 tons per person per month.
  • Viably is offsetting 1.6 tons per person per month, and this is cool because it doesn’t just represent your direct personal CO2 footprint, but it captures your COMPLETE footprint as a American: all greenhouse gasses from all direct and indirect sources. For example, it includes the emissions from, say, a dairy farm in Wisconsin that produces the milk and cheese you buy in the grocery store. You wouldn’t have considered your part in that when looking just at your power bill and the number of miles you drive. So since we capture the full country’s emissions, everything is accounted for.
  • The EPA also offers a household CO2 footprint calculator which we are planning to leverage for tailored individual CO2 offsets in the future. Give it a try, and note that the results are for your entire household measured for a full year (12 months)

Are the CO2 projects certified somehow?

Yes. All projects are completed with documentation proving they meet the requirements of organizations such as ISO (International Organization for Standardization), American Carbon Registry, etc. In the project sections, we have detailed information about what types of projects we're supporting, where they are located and their impact.

Isn’t the act of producing and shipping these bracelets making CO2 matters worse?

It’s a very small footprint itself, and the offsetting that accompanies the bracelet far outweighs the bracelet’s own footprint. The average American emits 1.6 tons of CO2 each month. We have calculated the cost to manufacture and ship the bracelet to be about 0.00008 tons. The bracelet is physical proof of your CO2 neutral track record, helps remind you to act in an environmentally conscious way, and helps spread the word so others can also do their part to reverse climate change. The physical bracelet and monthly beads are an important part of our overall mission’s success.

Can I add more beads later on?

Yes. You can order the Viably Carbon Bead alone. Each bead represents 1 month of personal CO2 offsets. Once your beads arrive, just unhook the band from the clasp and slide them on. Your bracelet is designed to hold over 2 years worth of offsets!

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