Try out a CO2 lifestyle change

Let's encourage each other to take it a step further!

Recently I stopped putting my grocery store vegetables in a little plastic bag... I wash them anyway when I get home, so why use the bag!? It felt good to think for a second and make my own decision, rather than mindlessly fall into a cultural norm.

This is the next step in the Viably journey.  Changing behavior takes motivation.

What people are sharing

"I got a bottle of water a few weeks ago, and it came in a nice plastic bottle. I just kept refilling the same bottle over and over and take it with me everywhere I go."

"I tried washing my clothes in cold water rather than hot water, and honestly I couldn't tell the difference in how they came out. :)"

"I actually just tried going vegetarian. 3 weeks and counting!"




Tell us about something you've done (big or small) to become a better environmental citizen!

Thank you!

Empowered people truly can reverse climate change!