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Project highlights

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3 sites supported in the United States

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Accredited by American Carbon Registry

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90% of power plant emissions captured

Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) is a process that captures CO2 before it is released into the atmosphere

The largest source of CO2 emissions is electric power generation. In 2019, burning fossil fuels was responsible for almost half of the United States' emissions. As of today, CCS is the only technology that can effectively reduce the emissions from industrial power plants, but the process is expensive due to the high deployment cost. Our project installs this equipment which would not have been used otherwise.

By funding these technologies we are also investing in research and development efforts to make this process more cost-effective and scalable.

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How it works

Step 1

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The first and most complex step is to capture the carbon dioxide vented from industrial sources or power plants. Once the CO2 has been captured it is compressed into liquid state so that it can safely be transported and stored.

Step 2

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The liquid CO2 is transported to a site where it is injected deep underground for permanent storage (also known as "sequestration"). Typically, CO2 is transported in pipelines, but it can also be moved on trucks, trains or ships.

Step 3

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The CO2 is pumped underground (typically around one mile deep) and “trapped” in solid, but porous rock formations such as sandstone, dolomite or limestone. All sites undergo a rigorous screening and monitoring process.

We capture CO2 here in the United States, the second largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions on the planet

We are investing in innovative technologies in order to diversity our project portfolio

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While our other offset projects focus on forestation to remove carbon dioxide that is already in the air, this project tackles emissions right at the source, at the power plants that burn fossil fuels, where the CO2 is most concentrated. This is pretty amazing because we can prevent CO2 from being emitted in the first place.

We reduce emissions by close to 90% in the three plants we support across Texas and Wyoming, and we help making negative-emissions technologies more effective and scalable.

To make this happen, we are teaming up with American Carbon Registry (ACR), a nonprofit enterprise that assures the integrity of carbon offset projects.

What we love about this project

With this project, we don't just reduce CO2 emissions; your funds also help to accelerate the development and roll-out of these climate change technologies.

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